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re affected. Kello Harsama, the administrative secretary heading t●hy

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    e State Department for Crop Development under Kenya's Ministry of ●Agriculture, said the government will work with the FAO to train 60●0 chemical spraying personnel. "Aerial spraying of the pesticide in● the last two months is yet to achieve desired results, thus we nee●dj

    s before descL

    to devise innovative strategies like the use of the trainees, far●mers and extension workers to conduct ground spraying starting with● northern cA

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    ounties of Isiolo, Marsabit, Turkana and Wajir," he said●. "My crops had done well following the heavy rains and I was loY

    • ●ending on farms, nibbH
    • ling away pasture, maize, khat, cg
    • owpeas, beans● and other crops9
    in hours. Ar8
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    oki●ng forward to a bumper harvest but then the locusts came and ate aw●ay my hope," Beatrice Ngari, a farmer in Embu, central Kenya, told ●Xinhua. But Ngari was unaware that it is also the predicament of ma●ny farmers across Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudai

    eas like Mandf

    n a●nd Uganda. The rains between October and January served to provide ●a favorable environment for locusts to breed and thrive, including ●proper

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    rly moist soils for them to lay eggs in millions before migrat●ion and the consequent lush vegetation to eat, according to the FAO●. Cc

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    limate change was to blame for the unusually plentiful rainfall ●on the African continent. Keith Cressman, the FAO's senior locust f●oy

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    recasting officer, further identified the recent cyclones as anoth●er factor behind the locust crisis, saying the past 10 years saw in

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    馽reased frequency of cyclones in the Indian Ocean. A swarm of dese●rt locusts invade parts of Mwingi Town in Kitui County, Kenya, Febn

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    s. UN Undersecretary-●General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, ●Mark Lowcock, said the current situP

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    ation "is really, really challen●ging." "There are currently over 30 million people in the affected ●countries, who arec

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    severely food insecure now. Ten million of those● people are in the places affected by the locusts. Unless we get a ●gripV

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    of this in the next two or three or four weeks, we would have ●a serious problem," he stressed. To avoid a famine, University 4

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    to mature ●and we 9

    would have harvested next month," said Nathan Njiru, a farme●r in Tharaka Nithi, whose livelihood largely depends on selling sor●ghum to Nairobi's beer brewers. In Ethiopia, the locusts have so fa●r consumed the vegetation on more than 65,000 hectares of land, inc●luding coffee and tea croX

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    Alizee Anderson

    ps that accouE

    nt for about 30 percent of Et●hiopia's exports. A Moody's Investors Service report issued in earl●y February showed that agriculture contributes about one-third of t●he gross domestic product in East Africa and more than 65 percent o●f jobs in all regional countries exF



cept for Kenya. A farmer atteA

mp●ts to scare3

away desert locust6

s in Mwingi Town in Kituix

County, Ken●ya4

, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) d


o curbi



desert locust swarms have travE

elled from Afrib

ca to Asia. Indi●aw

is suffering the worst hJ

it in 60 years. 5

"Today locust swarms are ●as big a6

s major cities and it's getting worse a

the lJ

by the day,"6



said UN ●Secretary General A3

ntonio GuterresM

, urging the internz

ational commun●ity to tap

ke immediate cour

nteractions. Sacko Josefa, AU Commie

ssioner● for Rural Economy and AgricuR

ocust Y
Collect from /



lture, said earlier this monthT

that th●e 55-1

member pan-African f

bloc is working directly 8

with the FAO to r

ma●ke sure that there is no spreadm

to other countries. Antonio Querido●5


Drop in here

, UN FAO representative in Uganda, said international organizations● are providing technical support and mobilizing resources for Ugo


and●a as it strive3

47 counties w●eb

s to fight the locusts. In order to S

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